amalgamate with

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amalgamate with

To mix or merge with. I wonder how the two groups of kids will amalgamate with each other. What department is ours being amalgamated with?

amalgamate something with something

to unite something with something else; to merge two things. We will amalgamate this company with another firm. How long has our local been amalgamated with the national union?

amalgamate with something

to join with something; to merge with something. Our group decided to amalgamate with another group. The groups did not amalgamate after all.
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Halewood CE Primary and St Mark's RC Primary, both in Halewood, to amalgamate to form a joint-faith school to be built on St Mark's current site or on land next to Plantation Primary.
Roseheath Community Primary and New Hutte Community Primary, both in Halewood, to amalgamate.
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