be (a) witness to (something)

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be (a) witness to (something)

1. To see something happen. I was a witness to many inappropriate situations when I worked in an office. Were you witness to the accident, or did you arrive at the scene after it happened?
2. To be proof of something. The many students on campus these days are a witness to the school's successful rebranding efforts.
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witness to something

to serve as a witness to some act or deed. I was witness to the beating. We were not witness to any of the activities you have described.
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be (a) ˈwitness to something

1 (formal) see something take place: He has been witness to a terrible murder.
2 (written) show that something is true; provide evidence for something: His good health is a witness to the success of the treatment.
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He said, "I am witness to the fact that people have been posting wrong quotations and statements of the companions of the Holy Prophet (Sihaba-e-Ikram) on social media and Islamic illiterate people without verifying the content share it ahead."
I have been visiting China regularly since 1974 and I am witness to China's tremendous development.
I am witness to a scene that a pedestrian was hit by a mini bus on road and died.
I am witness to the coming and going of three generations and I have taken note of the differences between these generations and also mine.
I am witness to having heard him speak from close quarters at a huge rally in erstwhile Hyderabad Deccan a few months prior to the partition.
I am witness to such instances in one of the posh areas of Islamabad, where kids as small as three and four years precariously cling to the railing on the rooftop, and wail, while their mothers are doing domestic chores on the ground floor.
I am witness to you meeting Nirav Modi in September 2013 at a Hotel and during this time Nirav Modi and his uncle (Mehul Choksi) got loans from banks.
I am witness to how much he will do for this country.'
Her recovery is a miracle and I am witness to that.
It is no secret and I am witness to this that Waqar never wanted or respected senior players and was never able to treat all players equally and fairly which resulted in disharmony in the team, said Razzaq.
Posted as Commanding Officer of 4 Army Aviation Squadron in Dhaka, where I remained from January 1971 to the fall of Dhaka on 16 December 1971, I am witness to India's role in this war.
They conduct this little cameo tug o' war which he has to let her win but not without a good fight and it matters not a whit that I am witness to this tribute to not so young love, actually, they seem to have forgotten my presence completely.
I am witness to how Shalala works hard (sa sipag, after Tiya Pusit, Shalala na raw!) so he deserves his success.
1907, My Mother was born, I am witness to the exasperation of gallant human beings at god, priestly fathers and Her Highness, Holy Mother the Church persons who felt they were never given a chance, had no luck and were flayed at suffering.
The boss says I am the only one who has worked there for three years and hence I am witness to all transactions.