be to blame

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be to blame

To be the cause of something harmful or unpleasant. I heard that slippery roads were to blame for the accident here this morning.
See also: blame

to blame, be

Be responsible for or guilty of something wrong or bad, as in Obviously the teacher was to blame for the chaos in the classroom, or Mary was not to blame for these errors. [Early 1200s]

be to ˈblame (for something)

be responsible for something bad: If anyone’s to blame, it’s me.Which driver was to blame for the accident?
See also: blame
References in classic literature ?
I am to blame, and punish me, make me expiate my fault.
It must sound strange to you; but yet I cannot think I am to blame,' he said.
Richard Wardour has discovered the truth; and Frank has paid the penalty with his life--and I, I alone, am to blame.
Hush, Sancho," said Don Quixote in a weak and faint voice, "hush and utter no blasphemies against that enchanted lady; for I alone am to blame for her misfortune and hard fate; her calamity has come of the hatred the wicked bear me.
But it is I, above all, who am to blame for everything.
I am to blame for forgetting your appointment and for not keeping my nerves under proper control.
I am to blame in this, Gania--no one else," said Ptitsin.
Speaking after the 5-1 humiliation, the Portuguese coach said: "We played well but I am to blame.
He said: "They insist I am to blame for the splitting leather.
Does Mr Rockliff believe I am to blame for population trends in NSW, South Australia and Northern Territory?
Quinn added: "If I am to blame for any of it, all I can do is apologise for it.
In a statement, Lambton wrote: "There has been no high-life vice ring, no security leak, no blackmail and, as far as I know, no politicians of any party is remotely connected with these events I alone am to blame.
The fact is that we are owned by Merseytravel, I am to blame for that, I negotiated the deal with Neil Scales [former chief executive].
It's a bit rich of Andrew Davies AM to blame civil servants for the failure of the Techniums in Wales.
I am responsible, I am to blame for the organisation.