taken aback

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take (one) aback

To startle, astonish, shock, or disconcert one. It took us all aback a bit to learn that John was moving to England next month. I'm sure the news of the merger takes everyone aback, but please believe me that this is in the best interest of the company.
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taken aback

Startled, astonished, shocked, or disconcerted. All of us were a bit taken aback to learn that John was moving to England next month. I must admit that I was taken aback when I heard we weren't receiving our bonuses this year.
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taken aback

Cliché surprised and confused. When Mary told me the news, I was taken aback for a moment. When I told my parents I was married, they were completely taken aback.
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be taken aˈback (by somebody/something)

be shocked or surprised by somebody/something: She was completely taken aback by his anger.
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First, and given such errors are commonplace across social media, especially higher up the ABC1 scale, I am taken aback that so few people bother to check what their computers are up to behind their backs, indeed it doesn't offer up much confidence apropos the world of self-drive looming just around the next blind bend.
"I am taken aback and I'm about to bring more f*cking business in the show," Kibe told Word Is on Wednesday.
I am taken aback with such a statement, and in my capacity as the Provost of the South-South College of Bishops, I abhor such statement because God is not a man that he should lie,' he stated.
"I am taken aback that someone would actually decapitate a dog, it's a very serious thing.
"I am taken aback by seeing how the BJP is working in contrast to what Modi actually thinks and says.
I do not have virgin ears, however, I am taken aback when I hear someone blurt out indelicate speech, especially from those who represent us and others in the public eye.
I am taken aback when I hear things such as the fact that cases against wrongdoers are not being taken up because of me.
They wrote, "I am taken aback that there was no Easter Doodle today.
While thats not surprising, I am taken aback by how many ankle and wrist fractures I treat from people slipping and sliding.
"I am taken aback by the news of my car being confiscated.
But frankly I am taken aback at Daniel O'Donnell's decision to publicly defend Cliff Richard while police investigate an allegation of historic abuse against a boy under 16, a claim Richard says is "completely false".
I am taken aback that some of these projects are still available to work on - I would have thought suppliers all over the UK would have jumped at the chance to sign up to work on a project such as flood defences with a given budget of more than PS250,000 allocated.
I am taken aback by the grand welcome that we got here from the locals.
I have never trusted the EU and have often complained of a lack of democracy, but even I am taken aback at the confiscation of private money in Cyprus.