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I'll tell you when I am packing up my classroom," she said.
Pulis (above) said: "I have a year left, it is not as though I am packing it in and walking away from it.
I am packing in the campaign because of this and it breaks my heart to do so.
As I am packing boxes, I have to stop to catch my breath.
This week was meant to be a rest at home but has turned into a mad week of rushing around I'm not sure we're going to be quite so lucky in September so I am packing my winter clothes to go down with me as well.
AS you read this, I am packing my bags and heading for an exciting Bank Holiday weekend away.
I am packing to fly home * I am packing to board a ship * I am still in Auckland harbour and the bailiffs are taking away the last of my furniture back home * I am doing a Tuilagi and jumping into the harbour, for reasons that are as inexplicable to me as they doubtless were, later, to him * I am wearing a beret, waving a baguette and swearing allegiance to the Foreign Legion.
Nonetheless, I am happy today for Libya, and for all Arabs and Muslims, and I am packing my bag to visit this good country soon.
So as I now know that I have no re-sits of my university exams to worry about I am packing in the hours until I head back to university in October.
I am packing up my Young Jeezy snow globe and my Panda Bear fitted baseball hat and leaving the future to the Fishbowl (our editorial office).
MY recurring dream is that I am packing but no matter how much I pack more and more stuff appears and I never get to the end of it.
I am packing down in a scrum with Phil Vickery and Julian White who are the other side of 30 now.
I have not held an open show for a while and I am packing the bill with local fighters to try and draw a crowd.
Like Walt's trips with the kids, I never announce I am packing, as it meets with mixed reactions: I'm either thought of as a gun-toting lunatic or the company I am with wants to announce to the world that I am packing.