be (one's) own man/woman/person

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be (one's) own man/woman/person

To act, think, or work independently; to not accept or be swayed by outside influences. You can't just accept everything you read in the media—you have to be your own man. When I was younger, I would do anything my friends were doing, but I'm my own person now. You won't be able to manipulate her—she's really her own woman.
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own person, be one's

Also, be one's own man or woman . Be independent, be responsible for oneself. For example, We can't tell Jerry what to do-he's his own person. Chaucer used this idiom in Troilus and Cressida: "I am my own woman, well at ease." [Late 1300s]
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be your own man (or woman or person)

act independently and with confidence.
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be your own ˈman/ˈwoman

act or think independently, not following others or being ordered to do things: Working for himself meant that he could be his own man.
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own man/person, to be one's

To be in charge of one’s own affairs and actions. This term is very old indeed and may be obsolescent. Chaucer, who often portrayed strong women, used it (Troilus and Criseyde, ca. 1374): “I am myn own woman wel at ese.” A modern equivalent is to do one’s own thing.
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He said: "Alan is a big, big friend of mine and he's welcome to his opinions, but I would like to think I am my own man.
Gavin Cowan "I have a very, very small circle of people I liaise with and listen to but I am my own man and make my own decisions.
"You will get it wherever you go but for me, I am my own man. I am working for the club and the whole team and I have got to play my part.
Nilsen, who joined the Army as a cook aged 16 and served for 11 years, wrote: "I am my own man and lead a life marginalised from official machinations.
But Mr Simon hit back: "I am my own man with my own mandate.
And I am my own man. And I live for cricket," he said.
One active old-timer sums it up: "I am my own man. And hunting is great fun."
He said: "I am nobody's man, I am my own man. I am very clear about that."
In his first interview as leader, he sought to quash Conservative claims that he was the creature of the unions, whose votes were crucial in propelling him to victory, insisting: "I am my own man."
I officially leave at the end of the month, but effectively I am my own man as from now."
'I am my own man and as the Spanish say, Cada maestro tiene su librillo, which means each teacher has his own book.