be in touch

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be in touch

To communicate with someone. The recruiter said that he'll be in touch about the job next week. You're still in touch with Cara, right? How is she these days?
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in touch, be

Also, be in touch with. Be in communication or contact (with), as in Be sure to be in touch once you've arrived, or Our representative is really in touch with her constituents. A related idiom is get in touch, meaning "initiate contact," as in We tried to get in touch with you but you were out of town, and keep or stay in touch , meaning "remain in communication or contact," as in With Jim stationed in Korea, it was hard to keep in touch, or Do stay in touch with us. This idiom transfers physical touch to communication. [Late 1800s]
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be, etc. in/out of ˈtouch (with something)

have/not have recent knowledge or news of something, and so fully/not fully understand it: I try to keep in touch with what’s happening by reading the newspapers.Our politicians are old and out of touch (= unaware of people’s real feelings).
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be, keep, etc. in ˈtouch (with somebody)

communicate with somebody regularly: We are in touch with our central office every day.I’ve stayed in touch with some of my university friends.
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