be in a state

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be in a state

1. To be agitated, anxious, or upset. Tommy's been in a state ever since we took his video games away from him.
2. To be chaotic, unruly, or disheveled; to be very messy or untidy. I'd invite you in for a cup of tea, but the house is in a state at the moment. My hair was in a state when I woke up this morning, and I haven't been able to do anything with it all day!
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be in a ˈstate


get into a ˈstate

1 be/get worried, nervous or upset: Her husband was injured in a car crash yesterday, so she’s in a terrible state.He got into a state over his driving test.
2 be/get dirty or untidy: This house is in a real state! OPPOSITE: be/look a picture
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