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USA], Jan 24 (ANI): 'I am honored beyond measure,' said veteran star Meryl Streep after receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her work in 'The Post'.
I am honored that he considered me to introduce him with my feeble attempts to talk about the man himself.
I am proud to be a member of MTNA and am honored to have been nominated to serve MTNA as president-elect.
I am honored to have helped him achieve this long overdue recognition"
The Humanist is one of the finest publications to ever be produced, and I am honored to be a recipient of the wisdom it professes.
I am honored to be selected to lead a rising star among America's universities,'' he said.
I am honored to be succeeding Gene Millard, whose respected leadership and vision were communicated in the June edition of this magazine.
After months of seeing them roll off of the presses, I am honored to spend the first new $20 bill in my hometown of Washington, D.
I am honored to establish this significant memorial in remembrance of those who lost their lives on September 11th," Prince Albert said.
Today I am honored to be part of this team," said Dunwoody, promising full support to the military's warfighters.
We have an enormously talented group of partners and I am honored that they have chosen to add my name to the firm," said Bravo.
I am honored to have been selected to participate in this highly regarded event dedicated to fostering its progress.
I am honored and humbled by the Dobson family's decision," says Mr.
I am honored to have the opportunity to represent the Sapir Organization on the governing body of the leading real estate industry organization in New York," said DeCuzzi.
I am honored to be nominated for the vice president of MTNA.