be hard put to (do something)

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be hard put to (do something)

To be struggling to do or accomplish something, especially because it seems impossible. You'll be hard put to find a better guy than Bill. Come on—if we don't leave soon, we'll be hard put to get there on time.
See also: hard, put

hard put, be

Find something very difficult, as in The show was so bad that I was hard put to conceal my dismay, or Manufacturers will be hard put to meet the new standards. [c. 1700]
See also: hard

be hard put (to it) to

find it very difficult to.
2001 Marc Blake 24 Karat Schmooze He wore an Armani suit with a navy shirt, a club tie (although the vintners would have been hard put to name the actual club) and a Freemasonry pin.
See also: hard, put
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To be frank, I am hard put to understand why you are hanging on to someone who pretty clearly has little use for you in bed or out of it.
There are so many superb performances in Peter Hall's production of the Oscar Wilde masterpiece that I am hard put to know where to place the laurel wreaths and floral bouquets.
Personally, I am hard put to think of any justification, but at least in our more enlightened days, Ms Penny and her partner will get the chance to explain themselves.