be dying to (do something)

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be dying to (do something)

To be eager and excited to do something. The kids were dying to go on another roller coaster, so I told them to get in line while I sit for a minute. My 16-year-old is just dying to learn how to drive.
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be ˈdying for something/to do something

(informal) want to have or do something very much: I’m dying for a drink.She’s heard so much about you. She’s dying to meet you.
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References in classic literature ?
But make haste, Senora Trifaldi; for it is late, and I am dying to know the end of this long story."
If we make haste, we shall pass by them presently, and I am dying to show you my hat."
They say he is so agreeable in private life; I am dying to know him.--Do I hear a ring at the bell?
I'll look into the drawing-room by accident--I am dying to be introduced to her!'
"Well, Charlotte, you have seen him at last!" cried Maria, the instant the door had closed; "and I am dying to know how you like him!"
don't linger behind: in the name of all delightful fruits, I am dying to be at them.
"I am dying to get a selfie with Sammy," said Rummana Salim, a student of A Levels in a local college.
'I am dying to get a selfie with Sammy,' said Rummana Salim, a student of 'A' Levels in a local college.
"I am really looking forward to it and I am also at the stage where I am dying to get going.
If there is a director I am dying to work with I will work extra hard and do that film," she added.
"I am dying to see how everybody reacts to it because we have tried to make the film under the radar.
I am dying to get into those packs, I managed to open around 40 before the game fully crashed on me.
I am dying to get back into the ring," Jitender said.
In common with the Prince and many others I too hoped that Leicester City would win the Premiership and yes, I am dying to see Newcastle United avoid relegation.
"I am dying to get back into that team and hopefully I have given myself an opportunity to get in.