be dying of (something)

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be dying of (something)

1. To be nearing death as a result of something. Is it true that Mr. Thomas is dying of lung cancer?
2. To be feeling something very intensely (hyperbolically likening the experience to dying). After my girlfriend dumped me, I thought I was dying of a broken heart.
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see under die.
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be ˈdying of something

(informal) have a very strong feeling of something, for example hunger or boredom: We’re all dying of curiosity — come on, tell us what happened!I’m dying of thirst.
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"I had almost no breath at all, and even less energy, but all I could think was, 'I am dying of boredom here - literally dying.
"These people are clowns - I am dying of laughter" No.
My name is Scott Nugent and I am dying of a rare and incurable degenerative brain disease called spinocerebellar ataxia.