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I would say I am alright where I am now, but I wouldn't be if I was 15 years younger," said Allardyce.
But when you shake hands as two men and say you'll focus on the football, I am alright with that.
I am alright with this," Masterson said in his final words.
John Owen Unfortunately we live in a screw you Jack I am alright, typical Tory and Sun attitude, Jeff Cooper The Tories won't help the the steel industry, because they hate trade unions and Cameron is hell bent on destroying them.
Obviously I had a shorter pre-season than everyone else but fitness-wise I am alright and I wasn't surprised to start.
And the fact that I do brings me such an unexplainable inner peace that I can stand here in front of you all and say I am alright, I will be alright.
I am alright, uncle,)," replied the star in chaste Bhojpuri, his mother tongue.
As long as the club is doing well, I am alright, and obviously I am really pleased with where the club is at at the moment
I have been working on a few things and we are all going to see it on the day, so I am alright," he attested.
Gently, I took my darling grandson in my arms, "I am alright dear, just behaving like a naughty girl today; there is still a little girl in Amma who refuses to grow up".
I just need to be patient and the manager will decide if I am alright or if he prefers someone else.
The youngster was given a quick check-over by a doctor and said: 'I am alright.
When I get going I am alright on my own and I will go to work but I have to be careful, I usually don't take my hour dinner breaks as I cannot sit down for an hour, I won't be able to get back up.