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Royal Pineda, then am all ears. Few come close to the level of fervor Royal has for both his country and his craft.
He said: "If that is found to be a positive solution in making inquests shorter and nearer the national average and gives a good quality service then I am all ears."
Producer, Mahesh Bhupathi, tweeted, "If someone can explain how bombing innocent civilians solves anything I am all ears...
If you believe in 406 ELTs, let's be reading your rationalel If I am missing something, I am all ears.
Speaking exclusively to the Daily Post, Mr Penrose said: "I want to see what works and what does not, and I am all ears. I am in the process of delivering a tourism strategy for the new Government and one of the things I vowed to do was look at places which got it right and sample one or two others which have not, so they can plagiarise from those which do.
If any magistrates would like to comment on the court time and tax payers' money they are wasting, I am all ears.