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alternative facts

A phrase used by Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway in defense of seemingly incorrect information presented by the White House press secretary about the size of the crowd attending US President Donald Trump's inauguration. It was quickly popularized in memes that used the phrase to mean statements that are presented as truthful but contradict factual evidence—ostensibly, lies. An ice cream sundae isn't unhealthy—that's just alternative facts!
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alternative right

An extremely conservative political movement in the US. (Conservative political groups are traditionally referred to as "the Right," while liberal groups are known as "the Left.") Many views of the alternative right are considered radical by other Americans.
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Alternatively the council is offering a free collection service of trees from January 8, 2018.
did not make a claim against the companys director for possible insolvent trading, despite identifying the possibility of such a claim to ASIC and creditors,, or alternatively, did not properly document his reasons for not taking such action.
Alternatively, drape a hot water bottle over the pipe or soak hand towels in hot water, wring them out and wrap them around it.
Alternatively, the party required to provide insurance may seek a cap of its overall indemnity obligation to account for its potentially limitless liability if the broader "arising from your work" language is used in the contract.
by expanded information reporting--to compliant taxpayers or, alternatively, should consider providing some form of compensation for the burden.
Alternatively, shareholders can loan the funds to the corporation.
Alternatively, get cash, $2 to $100-plus, for newer-model cell phones from CellForCash.
Alternatively, text RPAW 01, followed by your name and contact details, to 84080 (53303 in RoI)
The setting of process parameters, the evaluation and the display are realized via a user-friendly touchscreen panel, or alternatively can be integrated into an existing control system.
The two layers of the fabric are bound so that pairs of machine direction yarns exchange places with each other, alternatively weaving as a top yarn and then as a bottom yarn.
Alternatively, companies may be legally constrained in the underwriting process from reflecting higher-than-expected mortality for certain groups.
If you do find it this way you may be able to patch it with a butyl fixing kit available from good water garden centres, or alternatively use a kit to fix an inflatable rubber boat.
Alternatively, difficulty scores for Canadian students were significantly lower than those reported by students in the USA.
Alternatively, the CryptoStor FC can be inserted into the middle of the fabric, or even at the originating host under rare circumstances.
Alternatively, ciprofloxacin was used with some early success, but unfortunately, many strains of MRSA have become resistant to ciprofloxacin, and empirical use of this antibiotic without laboratory confirmation of its effectiveness can be dangerous.
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