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alternate between

To switch between two different people or things. We are going to alternate between the lead and the understudy at today's rehearsal. The air conditioner alternates between settings, so I don't think it will get too cold in here.
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alternate with

1. To share a role or task with another person. Because we're co-hosting the talent show together, we're planning to alternate with jokes and introductions.
2. To appear repetitively with something else. That pattern is visually overwhelming; it's just a constant line of circles alternating with squares.
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alternate between (someone and someone else)

 and alternate between something and something else
to choose or change between two persons or things alternately. The job will alternate between Gil and Ed. The maid will alternate between the first floor and the second floor.
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alternate with something

1. [for someone] to serve as a substitute for someone. I alternated with Fred as the lead in the school play. They asked Harry to alternate with Ron on the team.
2. [for something] to appear repetitively and regularly in a sequence with something else. (For instance, A alternates with B in the sequence ABABAB.) In this design the straight lines alternate with the circles. The red dots alternate with the blue ones.
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Presuming we'll need to file an alternate due to the weather forecast, hang on to that Duat session for a bit longer: Our next task is using available weather information to ensure our chosen alternate airport is a legal alternate.
The second bullet in the sidebar above hints at the reality: Many airports and the approach procedures serving them have alternate minimums different from the 600/800 ceiling and two miles of visibility specified in FAR 91.
An alternate is always required when the destination airport has no published procedures.
It says that as far as your alternate goes, if specific alternate minimums are not published for that airport (more on this in a minute), and if between an hour before and an hour after you expect to get there (same as the 1-2-3 rule), the airport is expected to have at least a 600-foot ceiling and two miles visibility, you can use it if and only if it has a precision approach procedure.
103 starts the ball rolling with a gentle reminder that all preflight planning includes a review of pertinent aspects of flight to include a familiarity with available alternates.
The other seven members and alternates could not be reached or did not respond to calls seeking comment.
Now, in accordance with the revised articles of association, the Board of Directors shall consist of no fewer than nine and no more than eleven regular members and one alternate.
I'm absolutely convinced of this - this jury was colorblind,'' said another white alternate, a male retired lab worker who wore badge 206.
In state court, alternates are added to keep the number at 12 and the jury is obliged to obey the judge's admonitions.
He was one of two jurors and three alternates to be dismissed; only four alternates remain.
3, 1995, the substitution of alternates had raised the number of African-Americans to nine.
Each missed a playoff for second alternate by one stroke.
The order was issued just hours after his name was first placed on the witness list and an alternate juror was ousted for sleeping.