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alternate between

To switch between two different people or things. We are going to alternate between the lead and the understudy at today's rehearsal. The air conditioner alternates between settings, so I don't think it will get too cold in here.
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alternate with

1. To share a role or task with another person. Because we're co-hosting the talent show together, we're planning to alternate with jokes and introductions.
2. To appear repetitively with something else. That pattern is visually overwhelming; it's just a constant line of circles alternating with squares.
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alternate between (someone and someone else)

 and alternate between something and something else
to choose or change between two persons or things alternately. The job will alternate between Gil and Ed. The maid will alternate between the first floor and the second floor.
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alternate with something

1. [for someone] to serve as a substitute for someone. I alternated with Fred as the lead in the school play. They asked Harry to alternate with Ron on the team.
2. [for something] to appear repetitively and regularly in a sequence with something else. (For instance, A alternates with B in the sequence ABABAB.) In this design the straight lines alternate with the circles. The red dots alternate with the blue ones.
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The delegates are: Ward 1, Donald Cusson, Karen Leighs and Dick Leighs; Ward 2, Tim Walsh, Danielle Gregoire and Linda Walsh; alternates: Judith Walsh and Dan Caruso; Ward 3, Joan O'Brien; Ward 4, Paul McAllister, Peter Juaire and Cheryl Juaire, alternate: Margaret Ayres; Ward 5, Robert Waldron, John DeBarios and Gerri Young, alternates: Barbara Hanley and Richard McDonough; Ward 6, Barbara Fenby, Ed Clancy and Joe Aykanian, alternates: Bob Bower and Barbara Clancy; and Ward 7, Franco Davoli, Dick Towle, Thomas Hill and Bonnie Hill, alternates Don Landers and Mary Jan Greene
He didn't get a wake-up call and he had a 6:40 time which he requested, and he was not able to make that, and we put the first (Pro-Am) alternate in there.
In all, there are 109 candidates on the ballot of the union's Hollywood division for 31 open seats and 21 alternate slots.
If the CPUC does not adopt the proposed bankruptcy settlement agreement (which is embodied in Peevey's first alternate proposed decision (Peevey 1)), Fitch believes that a CPUC consensus may be forged from Commissioner Peevey's preferred alternate proposed decision two (Peevey 2) and Commissioner Brown's (Brown).
Cristina Cruz-Madrid, an alternate member of the Local Agency Formation Commission, said that Richard Close, another alternate, has a conflict of interest because he also chairs the pro-secession Valley Voters Organized Toward Empowerment.
DiGiuseppe and member Cindy Miscikowski and LAFCO alternates Richard Close and Bernson have said they think there should be a definite division plan before voters.
As of today, Bitstream Iowan Old Style gives graphic designers a complete and expert set of fonts that include small caps, old style figures, ligatures, alternate characters, and ornaments.
Board Alternates Nils-Fredrik Nyblaeus, deputy to the CEO
Nine jurors and alternates met with reporters after the panel was dismissed from service.
This patented internal construction geometry alternates the polarity of these elements, allowing the alternating inductance values to cancel each other.
Now, they would have to start over from scratch with two alternates.
He was one of two jurors and three alternates to be dismissed; only four alternates remain.
3, 1995, the substitution of alternates had raised the number of African-Americans to nine.