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If you'd like to be the owner of a beautiful watch with long lasting appeal, write down on a postcard (or the back of a sealed envelope) the answer to the following question: Name one of the famous celebrities who have been photographed with the new TAGHeuer Alter Ego watch?
In fact, Klein recognizes that, "insofar as these comic book constructs are part of childhood socialization, their dualism could be functional, even therapeutic, were one to acknowledge the positive attributes of the superhero's alter ego and the dialectical relationship between wimp and warrior"; after all, "both male and female coexist within the Superman/Clark Kent figure" (267-68).
Bowie retired his alter ego on stage in London in 1973.
A concept two years in the making, Tyrese is the first male R&B artist to introduce a rapping alter ego (Black-Ty) and release a groundbreaking double disc -- one disc full of R&B songs, while the other is a collection of rap tracks featuring Black-Ty.
The Justice League gets scorched by the Martian Manhunter's evil alter ego, The Burning Martian.
It's a shame that Ricky Gervais can't seem to be anything more than his fantastic alter ego David Brent from The Office.
So, Pammy's alter ego named Carmen chose quickly learn about the profits from sex and drugs.
The broad language of the statute shows Congress meant to reach every property interest a taxpayer has, allowing the government to collect tax debts from the assets of a taxpayer's nominee, instrumentality or alter ego.
In the case of Gareth James's sculpture of the mythical European curator and color theorist Storm van Helsing, the artist's first attempt at a portrait of his quixotic alter ego, we gain insight into the stakes of that which is purportedly being "established" (or, better, refused), as his portrait is marked precisely by its shifting, indeterminate quality.
COMIC Paul O'Grady says he has virtually abandoned his sniping alter ego Lily Savage - because he gets too hot in drag.
Fans of Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem) will enjoy this introspective autobiography that focuses not on Eminem, or Slim Shady his alter ego, but instead reveals the stories behind Marshall Bruce ,Mathers' songs, as well as the meanings behind his favorite lyrics.
1966): the shareholders and their interests were identified, the business enterprise continued unimpaired and the new business entity was the alter ego of the old.
With Dubbelspoor, she says she originally intended simply to separate listening and seeing, and that decision led to the use of two characters, each as the alter ego of the other.
Davyon further claimed that EDEA is a corporation which is owned and controlled by Greenberg and is an alter ego of Greenberg; and that Davyon continually occupied the property since long before the foreclosure action pursuant to a valid lease, with the full knowledge of EDEA's principals, Mr.
Alter Ego is what they are calling a 'Partner In Time' and the watch is designed with a sensual elegance for a woman confident in her self, her style and her credit cards.