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all right(y) already

Please stop; that's enough. Typically used as an expression of frustration. All right already! We can have pizza for dinner tonight, just stop whining about it! All righty already! I'm turning off the TV because I can't watch that movie one more time!
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all righty

slang A sentence substitute used when one agrees to something or acknowledges something, similar to "OK" or "sure." The addition of "-y" at the end of "right" is intended to be very informal or humorous. All righty, let's go to the movies tonight. A: "I'm going out, I'll be back tonight." B: "All righty, see you later."
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all righty

Inf. All right.; OK. Tom: Let's go to the state fair. Bill: All righty, let's do that. Everybody ready? All righty, then, let's get started.
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Alrighty, at first this activity might just seem like those countless year-end programs we have all attended (or endured) when our children were still in kindergarten or primary school, where the audience and the proud parents cheer as their children rack up merits and ribbons.
King / And Aung San Suu Kyi / I'd teach techniques of nonviolence / As part of the core." "Alrighty" features her funny-but-serious style of challenging sexism; "Next time I watch a man give birth / I'll try to picture the Creator as a dude with a beard/'Cause right now I gotta say it's seemin' kind of weird..."
"Alrighty, there wasn't anything left in that," the 24-year-old said to his team over the radio on his lap into the pits.
Alrighty then, Ms Sinead O Connor, any more nuggets of advice for your young friend?
Luckily last Sunday was a bright and cheerful winter day and my friend Julie was free to accompany me in the direction of Maltepe (alrighty, kill Pat's creativity, will you?).
Alrighty f'n then!" A catchphrase made popular by Carrey's Ace Ventura.
We looked at that, Long Hammer up 14% nationally off a pretty good base, and said 'alrighty then.'
SHARON (In a bad British accent): "Alrighty, then, Ben."
Being of an optimistic bent (as is well documented in these pages) and also having once skied at -44C in Canada (yes, that stopped you in your 'you really do need this overpriced technical item' tracks, Mr Shop Man), I have absolutely no fear of heights and cold trauma - I am a hot chick, alrighty? End of.
(LT) Cheryl [rising] Alrighty. Well I'm going to go to the kitchen and talk, and just so I don't look crazy, you wanna join me JIM?
Alrighty then, so maybe your boss Mercury's move could bring up a family debate instead?
N31FR: "Alrighty, 30.18 and Three One Foxtrot Romeo will probably be going direct BAXTU."
When Carol told him she'd see him soon, he replied chirpily: "Alrighty. It's a party." Later Jimmy said: "I feel as though I've won because I got past all the goals I wanted to.