all right with (one)

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all right with (one)

Agreeable or acceptable to someone. I asked, and it's all right with them if we come over after dinner. It's all right with me if you want to watch that movie—I heard it's funny. I talked to Kate next door, and she said it's all right with them if we use their grill.
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all right with someone

agreeable to someone. If you want to ruin your life and marry Tom, it's all right with me. I'll see if using the car is all right with my father.
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all right with one

Also, all right by one. Agreeable to someone. For example, If you want to practice now, that's all right with me. Although all right alone has signified acquiescence much longer (see all right, def. 5), the addition of with someone (or, sometimes, by someone) dates from the mid-1900s.
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The four 'boys' leapt on to the stage and screamed "Backstreet's back, alright!" It was more than alright with me and the thousands of screaming female fans who jumped to their feet and remained standing for the entire 90-minute performance.
But they still get reviewed in Christian music venues, and their songs share a positive, life-affirming message that becomes explicit in "Love Is the Only Way In," "Thankful and Thoughtful," and the old Doobie Brothers chestnut, "Jesus Is Just Alright With Me."
Top Honcho then furnished Madam Alright with 11 pups, among whom Will Power kept her name on the big-race breeding line by reaching the 2003 Tote Gold Collar final at Harold's Cross, though finishing last.