think aloud

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think aloud

To verbalize one's thoughts. A: "And I guess I should also pick up some plywood while we're out…" B: "Pardon me?" A: "Sorry, I'm just thinking aloud!"
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think aloud

Speak one's thoughts audibly, as in We need flour, sugar, butter-I'm just thinking aloud. [Early 1700s]
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ˌthink aˈloud


ˌthink out ˈloud

speak your thoughts about something, for example a problem, to yourself or to others, probably without organizing them as in normal speech: ‘What?’ ‘Oh, don’t worry. I was just thinking out loud.’
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Notwithstanding this statement, all teachers do not read aloud to students routinely or do not fully utilize the instructional opportunities offered by the routine use of this practice.
Coordinated by The Aloud Charity based in Cardiff, the Only Boys Aloud programme uses singing to engage with teenage boys in a way that develops new skills as well as promoting selfbelief and aspiration.
Gyda chymorth pobl brofiadol yn y diwydiant ffilm ym Mumbai, bydd Only Men Aloud yn dysgu dawnsio a chanu mewn dull sydd yn nodweddiadol o ffilmiau byd-enwog Bollywood.
Now in its eighth year, World Read Aloud Day rallies individuals and organisations in over 50 US states, territories and the District of Columbia and more than 100 countries worldwide to call attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories with children of all ages, even those who can read on their own.
This is the first album we've done which has the full Only Men Aloud treatment," said Craig.
Sure, we all know it's important to read aloud to small children.
Daily reading aloud is a tried-and-true way to combat the summer slide that so many school-age children experience," says Read Aloud 15 MINUTES Executive Director, Bob Robbins.
Reading aloud to children has been considered an important part of literacy development for many years.
ERIC Descriptors: Childhood Attitudes; Student Attitudes; Parent Attitudes; Reading Attitudes; Reading Aloud to Others; Reading Habits; Recreational Reading; Independent Reading; Socioeconomic Influences; Parent Child Relationship; Children; Adolescents; Reading Materials; Surveys; Attitude Measures; Predictor Variables; Educational Environment; Family Environment; Reading Skills; Reading Material Selection; Electronic Publishing; Individual Characteristics; Age Differences; Gender Differences; Racial Differences; Ethnic Groups; Marital Status; Family Income; Educational Attainment; Parents; Elementary Secondary Education
What was not usual was an enthusiastic discussion that ensued about the importance to teens of reading aloud.
The group, Young Carers Aloud, has been raising awareness about the needs of young carers and their families in Stockton for nearly 5 years.
Under the agreement, the initiative will be to train Syrian refugees, women and children, on how to read aloud as well as to establish a number of libraries at the Za'atri camp.
But Only Boys Aloud singing sensation Russell Jones says there is one audience he really loves performing to - residents at Wales' care homes.
THE Voice sensation Leanne Jarvis has a secret past - as Nadine Coyle in a Girls Aloud tribute act.
Girls Aloud, SECC, Glasgow A DECADE after they first appeared as mere talent show TV fodder, Girls Aloud reclaimed their crowns as the queens of pop at the SECC.