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alongside of

1. Next to. I parked my car alongside of yours. My dog sleeps alongside of me all night.
2. Together with. We've been neighbors for so long that our kids grew up alongside of each other.
3. In comparison to. When you consider these two options alongside of each other, one is clearly superior.
See also: alongside, of

draw (up) alongside (someone or something)

To move into a position next to someone or something in motion. I knew I had a chance to win the race when I drew up alongside of the fastest girl in the heat.
See also: alongside, draw

lay (someone or something) alongside (someone or something)

To place someone or something in a flat, resting position next to someone or something else. We laid the wounded soldier alongside his companion while we looked for a doctor. You can lay that log alongside the others.
See also: alongside, lay

lie alongside (someone or something)

To rest or recline horizontally next to someone or something. There wasn't anywhere else for me to sleep, so I had to lie alongside my friend in the spare bed. I just lay alongside my poor old dog stroking his face as the vet put him to sleep.
See also: alongside, lie

line up alongside

1. To stand in a row next to other. The teacher asked us to line up alongside each other so she could see who's taller and shorter. The impact of the recession really hit me when I was there lining up alongside friends and relatives to collect my social welfare payments.
2. To cause someone or something to form or get into a row next to others. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used before or after "up." The coach lined me up alongside the other students trying out for the football team. I've been lining up my DVDs alongside my collection of VHS tapes.
See also: alongside, line, up

pull alongside (someone or something)

To move directly beside or along someone or something while in motion. The cop pulled alongside our car on the highway and signaled for us to pull over. I could feel someone pulling close alongside me as I walked.
See also: alongside, pull

pull up alongside (someone or something)

To move up to and stop directly beside or along someone or something, especially in a car. A car of rowdy young men pulled up alongside and started wolf-whistling at me and my friends. You can pull up alongside the tractor over there so your car will be out of the way.
See also: alongside, pull, up

alongside (of) someone or something

as compared with a person or a thing. (The things being compared need not be beside one another. Of is normally used before pronouns.) Our car looks quite small alongside of theirs. My power of concentration is quite limited alongside of yours.

draw (up) alongside someone or something

 and draw (up) alongside
to move up even with someone or something in motion. The police officer drew up alongside us and ordered us to pull over. A car drew up alongside us.
See also: alongside, draw

lay alongside something

[for a ship] to rest afloat next to something. The ship lay alongside a lovely island while a shore party searched for fresh water. Our ship lay alongside the narrow wooden pier.
See also: alongside, lay

lay something alongside (of something)

to place something next to something else, lengthwise. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please lay the spoon alongside the knife. Find the knife and lay the spoon alongside.
See also: alongside, lay

lie alongside (of someone or an animal)

to lie next to someone or an animal. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Jimmy came in to lie alongside of his father in bed. The puppy lay alongside its mother.
See also: alongside, lie

line up alongside someone or something

to form or get into a line beside someone or something. Can you line up alongside the other people? Line up alongside the wall and get ready to be photographed.
See also: alongside, line, up

pull (up) alongside (of someone or something)

to move to a point beside someone or something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The car pulled up alongside the truck and honked and the people inside waved and waved. Please pull alongside the curb.
See also: alongside, pull

alongside of

1. Beside, next to, as in Tom's canoe lay alongside of mine. [Late 1700s]
2. Together with, as in Her children played alongside of mine all summer long. [Late 1700s]
3. Compared to, as in My car doesn't look like much alongside of Dad's. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
See also: alongside, of
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