along the lines of

along the lines of (something)

Roughly similar to something; like something, though not exactly the same. Well, that's along the lines of what I have in mind for the new kitchen, but there are a few tweaks you need to make before it's right. This movie is along the lines of your old favorites.
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along the lines of

Also, on the lines of. Roughly similar or in keeping with. For example, We told the architect we want a design along the lines of his own house but smaller, or Jane asked the caterer for a menu on the lines of the Morgans' wedding reception. This idiom uses line in the sense of "a direction or procedure," a usage dating from the early 1600s.
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on/along the lines of ...


on/along (the) ... lines

1 in the way that is mentioned: The new system will operate along the same lines as the old one.
2 similar to something; in a similar way, style, etc. to something: I’m looking for a silver teapot, something along the lines of this one here.
3 used for giving a summary of something you have read or heard: ‘What did he say in his defence?’ ‘Something along the lines of his being so drunk that he didn’t realize what he was doing.’
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After all, it's a scheme so it must be some Government-inspired idea along the lines of free loft or wall insulation.
Summary: Madrid, June 09, 2010, SPA -- Smaller Spanish banks are losing access to the European repo market due to concerns Spain could be heading for a debt crisis along the lines of EU partner Greece, Reuters quoted a top financial source in Spain as saying today.
Summary: A new street market modeled along the lines of a village bazaar has caught the fancy of people in Kolkata.
They end up in one "gnarly sitch" after another in this breathless adventure, which is full of action, swooping flights and fierce fights--a sure bet for the movies, along the lines of the X-Men.
The average person, on reading this list, would assume that Operation Blessing must be a credible charity along the lines of the Red Cross and many of the others listed.
What has evolved, he continues, is a human perspective along the lines of Rene Descartes' philosophy.
Generally, any of these come-ons are met with mild disgust and something along the lines of "Get lost, creep.
About that same time, a two-line classified ad appeared in the Wall Street Journal--something along the lines of "Newsletter company for sale.
Bearing in mind England are No 1 in the world and France can beat Southern Hemisphere countries - both with a domestic club structure and leagues, Wales should retain the club system along the lines of the Tasker Watkins report.
Second, media outlets would be obliged by law to adopt a comprehensive code of conduct along the lines of that now covering ministers and MPs [members of Parliament].
As expansive and mysterious as Ocean (1994), Biped is also one of this master choreographer's more lyrical endeavors, along the lines of last year's Pond Way, which, with the 1993 CRWDSPCR, completed the second of the company's annual San Francisco Bay Area programs.
Such enlightenment might result only from the schooling--or re-tooling--of a cadre of critics through a series of workshops patterned somewhat along the lines of the National Critics Institute at the O'Neill Center in Waterford, Connecticut.
For pervasive reforms to be accomplished, a permanent agency with access to broad public support and resources at a national level, along the lines of the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health or some other body, is needed.
Let me say this along the lines of response to your--while it's true that with more people it's easier, less risk of, you might be slain in battle.