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Expanding the notion of aloneness beyond the literal and geographic, the authors consider the portrayal of characters who are 'isolated' in multiple ways: as a result of ethnic, sexual or gender differences, or by choice and temperament, or by social dictate and compulsion.
Emotional factors included five themes: aloneness, anonymity, nonverbal communication, trepidations, and unknowns.
If each affair is to end in a journey of aloneness, then the fated challenge of such affairs is a crushing, fearful burden, almost Dantean in its refrain of sentencing.
"As emotional intimacy develops, you're no longer connected to your partner," the New York Daily News quoted Lauren Mackler, relationship expert and author of 'Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness and Tranform Your life.'
First, experience teaches me that all the suicides I have studied have been committed in aloneness. People kill themselves when they are alone.
We all look at loneliness as being something unbearable, as most of don't like it, but it's not impossible to imagine some people like it, and see it as aloneness, and preferable to being in a loving relationship.
I mean, even to sell a lot of books, or even to win an award, or even to get good reviews, you're still left with this kind of aloneness, aloneness.
They say that on the road back to your ancient home, Aloneness becomes Oneness with the real Thou.
'Loneliness' is the negative aspect of 'aloneness.' A person who has control over his mind, one who is capable of being with himself doesn't feel lonely although he is alone.
I remember (so long ago it seems now) heating dozens of lawn mowers running on Saturdays, listening to my neighbor flush his toilet or yell at his kids, the roar of street racers on Friday nights and that peculiar sense of aloneness possible--even when surrounded by people.
It was to do with their inability to cope with the reality of their aloneness and sense of separateness from others.
At its premiere in 1955, Louis Horst wrote in the Dance Observer that Rooms revealed "the psychological behavior arising from each individual's gnawing problem of aloneness in the contemporary world." In the 30-some years that I have shown the 1966 film of this work to dance history students, they have never failed to respond to its affecting depiction of alienation and despondency.
Most are about aloneness, the inability of a person to truly connect with any other, but Mozina has a lively, engaging voice and a knack for hitting perfect details and quirk-levels, the sort of truths you've always felt but never thought (like describing how car commercials feel sad during the fourth quarter of football games).
As the afternoon wore on, my attention began to swing from my aloneness to the beauty of the mountains, the quiet, and the hunting potential.
The greatest problem may be the wife's sense of aloneness. For those women who had been the more dependent partner to be thrust into control of the house, the money, and the children, many new stressors are added into the equation.