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"Come, Ben," said Adam, rather sternly, "you let the words o' the Bible alone; you're going too far now."
I said, You let the Bible alone: you've got a jest- book, han't you, as you're rare and proud on?
Adam alone had gone on with his work as if nothing had happened.
He attacked them when he caught them alone, and they attacked him when they were bunched.
Its noise and outcry warned him of its presence, while he ran alone, velvet-footed, silently, a moving shadow among the trees after the manner of his father and mother before him.
Yegor departed, and Levin was left alone. He had eaten scarcely anything at dinner, had refused tea and supper at Sviazhsky's, but he was incapable of thinking of supper.
A letter came From one, and -- there was one; the others fell In the same battle -- he alone was left, Scarce able from the iron grasp of Death To tear his miserable life.
I am the barque that chains delay: My homeward thoughts must sail alone. From house to house warm winter robes are spread, And through the pine-woods red Floats up the sound of the washerman's bat who plies His hurried task ere the brief noon wanes and dies.
The way through which our hunters were to pass in pursuit of their game was so beset with briars, that it greatly obstructed their walk, and caused besides such a rustling, that Jones had sufficient warning of their arrival before they could surprize him; nay, indeed, so incapable was Thwackum of concealing his indignation, and such vengeance did he mutter forth every step he took, that this alone must have abundantly satisfied Jones that he was (to use the language of sportsmen) found sitting.
So, you take out your phone and Whatsapp someone, anyone, just as long as you don't feel alone. When was the last time you had alone time?
But that's not all -DisneyChairmanBob Igerrevealed during the company's earning call this week that the service will also feature a number of reboots of films from the recently acquired Fox catalogue, such as Home Alone.
Teen star Julia Barretto broke her silence on Twitter over a picture of her former partner, Joshua Garcia, shown eating alone post-party.
PARENTS have been issued advice about leaving kids home alone during the summer.
The reports included children being left alone overnight, young children left to feed themselves and use kitchen equipment and siblings fighting over iPads and games.
WOMEN are far less likely to feel safe walking alone at night than men.