take aloft

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take something aloft

to take an aircraft into the air. The pilot took the plane aloft and tested it out. When will you take this aloft for a test flight?
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References in classic literature ?
Hearken, thine also shall be the wisdom of the old witch who sits aloft forever, frozen into everlasting stone--thine and one other's.
But I could not go alone--he who sat aloft in the cleft of the cave must go with me.
And I stood still, with club aloft, and slowly they crept up, muttering and growling as they came, till they formed a deep circle round me.
It was probably the first time he had been aloft in his life.
All hands were on deck now, and all eyes were aloft, where a human life was at grapples with death.
The well-established global Aloft brand, our focus on high-quality service and operations, and the high-growth Tampa market are a winning combination for this property.
This is the brand's second full-time cyber associate, following the debut of the world's first Botlr at Aloft Cupertino last year.
The other two Aloft hotels will open in Dubai Studio City and Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park (DuBiotech).
Scheduled to open in 2018, the four new Aloft hotels and Element hotel will introduce 816 rooms in Dubai while expanding Dubai Properties' developments within the hospitality sector.
With the Dubai government promoting mid-scale hotel development ahead of the Dubai World Expo 2020, we believe the timing is right to widen the reach of our signature Aloft and Element experiences, which are revolutionizing the hospitality industry by delivering a modern, urban-style experience at an affordable price," said Michael Wale, president, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Europe, Africa and Middle East.
Aloft Harlem, Aloft Cupertino, Aloft Beijing, Aloft Cancun, W New York -- Downtown, W Hollywood, W Singapore, W Hong Kong, W Doha and Element Times Square will be the first ten hotels to implement the technology.
The 116-bedroom property, which can accommodate 250 guests, is only the second Aloft Hotel in the UK and the first of five new properties to open across Europe.
In this role, ALO the Botlr will be on call as a robotic operative where it will be assisting the Aloft talent in delivering amenities to guest rooms.
The Aloft Raleigh will be located at 2100 Hillsborough Street directly adjacent to North Carolina State University and two miles from downtown Raleigh.
Aloft Leawood/Overland Park's triumph came at an annual gathering of associates from Starwood's Specialty Select Brand group across North America.