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allude to (something)

1. To indirectly or vaguely refer to something. What exactly are you alluding to? Just come right out and say it! I'm not playing that game, Rob. If there's something wrong, just say it—don't just keep alluding to it passive aggressively. He was alluding to us being in a serious relationship, so I told him directly that this was just a fling.
2. To reference another source. Shakespeare alludes to the Bible in many of his works. OK, Class, what literary work is Hansberry alluding to with the title A Raisin in the Sun? Thank goodness The Waste Land has so many footnotes. I had no idea what Eliot was alluding to half the time!
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allude to someone or something

to refer to someone or something; to make an implication about someone or something. I did not mean to allude to someone you disliked so much. I alluded to the accident only once.
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For example, in this session, Kaufman alludes to his Louisiana origins:
"I," brags the Dominican, "am a Fully-Qualified Bachelor of Sacred Theology (Sacrae Theologiae Baccalaureus Formatus), while you are an idiot." "I," the priest retorts, "could make much better bachelors than you out of beanstalks" (Ego baccalaureos multo te meliores nectam e stipulis fabarum, 540, lines 103-05, 109-10), which amounts to saying "You are absolutely worthless." It should be noted, first, that "nectam" (make by plaiting) wittily takes up "formatus" in "Baccalaureus Formatus" (a regular academic title, distinct from that of Cursor and other lower titles); the priest is taking "Formatus" in the literal sense, "fashioned, shaped." Secondly, he alludes to a popular etymology of "baccalaureus" as coming from "laurel berry.
Given that many of the capitoli allude to sexual acts between men, particular attention needs to be paid to historical and literary accounts of same sex encounters in Bronzino's day.
This gentle vibration of molecules alludes to the Bambara and Dogon primal energy, Word, that creates and sustains the universe.
Several pieces in this exhibition directly allude to death--with images including cemeteries and the hands of a tailor making a shroud, and so on--but most do so indirectly, by giving considerable weight to the cycles of nature.
It is Ruskinian because it alludes to Ruskin and because, by doing so, it fulfils Ruskin's expectation that architecture should be metaphorical.
Although he alludes to the painful struggles over the meaning, extent, and theology of renewal as mandated by the council, it is important to note--which he neglects to do--that many of those struggles arose from commitments of the women religious themselves to differing ecclesiologies.
ZAATARDIVA is the third collection of poetry by Suheir Hammad, a Palestinian-born New Yorker, award-winning poet and acclaimed performer from Russell Simmons' "Def Poetry Jam on Broadway." The "Zaatar" of the title refers to a mixture of spices often eaten with olive oil and bread and alludes to the way Hammad blends her cultural background with a vision of global politics, race and the power of writing.
Yet the question to ask is this: What does the identification of a face--even one that alludes, for those in the know, to the private life of two extremely secretive artists--fundamentally add to our understanding of the work?
Verse 27 alludes to the processional arriving through the temple gates and approaching the altar.
I listened to this audio just as Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and, interestingly, this book alludes to the fact that New Orleans was living in the shadow of the "big one." Let's hope when the city is reconstructed, the levees will be rebuilt on a par with those rebuilt in the Netherlands in the 1950s.
In a few pages, she reverently details the spiritual history of his ancient, animist culture of cliff dwellers whose very name alludes to their powers of survival.
By drawing on Wisdom literature--Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Gospels--Milton, who alludes to those scriptural texts in his major poems, expounds a view that runs counter to the predominant historical circumstances that favor the return of monarchy to England.
Further, while Khalaf alludes to the elite and class dimensions in general, "class," remains tangential to his main arguments.
(The book's title alludes to Ayn Rand's bestselling 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged, in which the world's most productive "men of the mind" go on strike to protest what they see as unfair conditions.) National Correspondent Michael W.