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alloy (something) with

1. Literally, to melt different metals together. Can I alloy this metal with copper?
2. By extension, to combine two things (typically two aspects or traits of someone or something). Ellen has been so successful because she alloyed her dedication with her natural talent.
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alloy something with something

1. Lit. to combine one molten metal into another molten metal. Is it possible to alloy copper with nickel? The copper has been alloyed \ with nickel.
2. Fig. to combine one quality or attribute with another. She alloyed her courage with a helping of wisdom. Her courage has been alloyed with wisdom.
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Get the Market Alerts: The current growth trend of the titanium alloys market has prominently influenced by the increasing demand for titanium alloys across different end use verticals in rapidly developing regions of the globe such as APEJ and MEA.
Iron can form a range of phase types in aluminum alloys. In hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys containing iron, magnesium and manganese, three iron phases are predominant: [alpha]-A115(FeMn)3Si2, [beta]-A15FeSi and [pi]-A18FeMg3Si6.
Many studies have been carried out in the past decade on how to maintain the mechanical properties of aluminum alloys at service temperatures that exceed 200[degrees]C.
Moreover, a precipitation strengthening effect has also been observed in Hf-Cu alloys. Furthermore, the solubility of Hf in copper is higher than Zr (from the binary phase diagram of the CuHf alloy (Figure 1), we can know that the maximum solubility of Hf in Cu is 0.4at.% [17], while Zr is only 0.12 at.%) at eutectic temperature, which suggests further performance improvement [18].
In heat treatable Al-Si-Mg(-Cu) series alloys, it was found that the susceptibility to localized corrosion (pitting and/or intergranular (IGC)) and the extent of attack are mainly controlled by the type, amount, and distribution of the precipitates which form in the alloy during any thermal or thermomechanical treatments performed during manufacturing processes [10-14].
This volume collect 168 papers originating from invited plenary lectures, oral presentations, and poster presentations at the November 2006 Seventh International Conference on Magnesium Alloys and Their Applications, which was organized by Deutsche Gesellschaft fu Materialkunde and held in the German city of Dresden.
I expect the price levels of titanium scrap have probably seen their heights and will stay in the current price range, in light of the increased production of titanium sponge by the Japanese, ATI, Timet and the Kazakhstan producer Specialty Metals and Alloys, as well as the increased availability of scrap from current production.
When choosing a Pb-free alloy, either binary or tertiary, several considerations should be kept in mind.
New PC/PBT and PC/PET alloys from PolyOne are targeted for lawn and garden, recreational, automotive, and business equipment applications.
Costarring in these laboratory developments is a new method for making alloys. With it, scientists can dictate the sizes of nanoscale crystals in an alloy's structure--and therefore the alloy's properties--by manipulating its atomic composition.
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The element beryllium was discovered more than 200 years ago, but it was not until 1927 that the first beryllium-containing materials were produced, and not until the 1940s--driven by the World War II demand for beryllium-copper alloys for use in weapons, radar, and other applications--that they were produced in significant quantities.
Swigart said that research started in 1988, when Alcoa and Wright engineers were looking primarily for an alloy with "corrosion resistance and no degradation in mechanical properties" that could replace aluminum alloys already used in aircraft.