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alloy (something) with

1. Literally, to melt different metals together. Can I alloy this metal with copper?
2. By extension, to combine two things (typically two aspects or traits of someone or something). Ellen has been so successful because she alloyed her dedication with her natural talent.
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alloy something with something

1. Lit. to combine one molten metal into another molten metal. Is it possible to alloy copper with nickel? The copper has been alloyed \ with nickel.
2. Fig. to combine one quality or attribute with another. She alloyed her courage with a helping of wisdom. Her courage has been alloyed with wisdom.
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The alloying technology will enable it to use all the recyclate internally.
A big question for the Catalloy catalyst alloying system is what will become of it in the proposed marriage of the polyolefins businesses of Montecatini SpA with Royal Dutch Shell of the Netherlands.
Dan Kelly, business manager for GE Plastics' Cycoloy PC/ABS alloy line, agrees, adding that processors in the future will see alloying and blending technology that provides better yields of good parts, less scrap, improved flow, faster cycles, and ultimately lower per-part manufacturing cost.
Mn is present in most charge materials, and its use in steels as an alloying constituent has increased.
Preliminary work is also under way at Himont to see if Hivalloy alloying technology can compatibilize mixed post-consumer plastic resins in recycling, says Himont director of business development Ken Dargis.
An example of this alloying thrust comes from Dow Chemical U.
The technology reportedly is an offshoot of reactively alloying polyolefins with nylon to produce "supertough" nylons.
PVC upgraded to an engineered material, offers inherent advantages of flame retardance, low cost and broad alloying properties, says William J.
Novel thermoplastic alloys, developments in compatibilizers, and new data revealing the effects of twin-screw extruder die design on resin morphology highlighted Compalloy '90, the Second International Conference on Compatibilizers and Reactive Polymer Alloying, held recently in New Orleans.
Besides producing alloying metals in Europe, Canada and the United States, the company is a major European producer of aluminum and is involved in technology for the metals industry.
Dispersoid colonies typically result from oxidation of localized concentrations of magnesium that form during alloying malpractice.
It was reported that austenitizing temperature significantly affects the relative position of the I-T diagram and alloying elements delay the austenite decomposition reaction.
This is necessary because the quantity of alloying elements retained in solid solution has an important bearing on the electrical properties.
In addition, the 50-gram sample cannot maintain alloy chemistry over the course of the test since certain alloying elements, such as magnesium, readily volatize from so small a quantity of molten metal.
Along with basic research into the area of the effects of alloying elements on the microstructure and properties of cast iron, developments in ductile iron dominated the cast iron program this year.