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alloy (something) with

1. Literally, to melt different metals together. Can I alloy this metal with copper?
2. By extension, to combine two things (typically two aspects or traits of someone or something). Ellen has been so successful because she alloyed her dedication with her natural talent.
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alloy something with something

1. Lit. to combine one molten metal into another molten metal. Is it possible to alloy copper with nickel? The copper has been alloyed \ with nickel.
2. Fig. to combine one quality or attribute with another. She alloyed her courage with a helping of wisdom. Her courage has been alloyed with wisdom.
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There are two separate components to the issue: the viability of recycled resin as a potential feedstock for alloys; and whether alloyed and blended materials can be as readily segregated and reprocessed as single polymers.
A research official at Advanced Elastomer Systems, the newly formed joint venture between Monsanto and Exxon Chemical, says a developmental elastomer, known as TPE 4000, is likely to use polyester as a continuous-phase matrix material, alloyed with a dispersed phase of acrylate rubber (see PT, April '91, p.
A new family of TP urethane (TPU) alloyed with ABS through a proprietary compatibilization chemistry, will be launched later this year by Dow Chemical for auto bumper fascias.
A Study of the Austempering of a Ni-Cu Alloyed Ductile Iron (90-142) T.
The level of saturation of compatibilizers at the interface of the alloyed materials is an important factor in creating a successful blend.
He also suggested that "high-chromium irons primarily alloyed with some 2.