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alloy (something) with

1. Literally, to melt different metals together. Can I alloy this metal with copper?
2. By extension, to combine two things (typically two aspects or traits of someone or something). Ellen has been so successful because she alloyed her dedication with her natural talent.
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alloy something with something

1. Lit. to combine one molten metal into another molten metal. Is it possible to alloy copper with nickel? The copper has been alloyed \ with nickel.
2. Fig. to combine one quality or attribute with another. She alloyed her courage with a helping of wisdom. Her courage has been alloyed with wisdom.
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Recently licensed by DuPont as exclusive compounder of Surlyn Reflection Series resins, a patented alloy of Surlyn ionomer and nylon 6.
Upping the alloy's overall fraction of tungsten forces the brick size to shrink to provide additional room for the big atoms in the mortar, Schuh says.
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These partnerships enable to offer the following:
ACMZ Cast Aluminum Alloys are a new class of cast aluminum alloys that boast improved castability and mechanical property superiority at elevated temperatures.