allow (one) free rein

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allow (one) free rein

To give one complete freedom to do what one wants or chooses. Can you believe the boss allowed me free rein on this project? Finally, I can present a campaign with my own vision!
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give/allow somebody/something free/full ˈrein


give/allow free/full ˈrein to somebody/something

not restrict, limit or control something: In a novel the author need not keep to the facts, but a textbook is not the place to give free rein to your imagination. OPPOSITE: keep a tight rein on somebody/something
A rein is a long leather band that is fastened around a horse’s neck and used by the rider to control the speed of the horse.
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At Manila City Jail, the yellow-clad inmates are allowed free rein on the 3.6-hectare lot, where they can play basketball and interact with others.
No major announcements on public sector pay, but review bodies will be allowed free rein in making recommendations on rises.
Any of those conditions, allowed free rein, has the potential to turn into a serious monkey on your back.
The hardliners cannot be allowed free rein which will result in creating an environment of uncertainty not good for the development of homogeneous culture in Sri Lankan society.
Baldly stated, this means Iran is threatening to ramp up its nuclear-weapons program unless the IRGC is allowed free rein for its terrorist activities.
Terrorists and rogues cannot be allowed free rein in a country so close to Europe.
Terrorists and rogues cannot be allowed free rein a country so close to Europe.
Instead of being allowed free rein to wax lyrical about every possible intervention which might have a beneficial effect on the UK's business landscape, I have had to concentrate my thoughts on three issues which, in my opinion, ought to be the main business priorities for the year ahead.
A Norwegian film crew was allowed free rein at England's training camp ahead of a Euro qualifier against the Scandinavians.
Last week Politis reported that one convict whose job it was to clean one of the prison offices was allowed free rein, often entering the office after hours and using the computers to go on Facebook.
Furthermore, big businesses who secure contracts with governments are usually allowed free rein in exploiting the environment at the expense of local communities and indigenous peoples.
So wind power would not be economic, if market forces were allowed free rein. We are also told it will lead to jobs - yes it might, but only in the countries that manufacture and supply the wind turbines.
But experts told of their shock that he is allowed free rein to trawl the web chatting up young single mums - just five years after admitting downloading and distributing child abuse material, for which he was jailed for two years.
himself on on the He was also allowed free rein to recycle the ball and to make the sort of late darts into the penalty area which should be his trademark in the Premier League, too.