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monkey's allowance

Something that yields more abuse than reward. The phrase refers to performing monkeys, who would earn money from passersby and then get kicked by their masters, as encouragement to continue performing. I know they promised you a raise, but I've heard that your new boss is really vicious. I think you'd be getting a monkey's allowance if you worked under him.
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make a spectacle of (oneself)

To attract attention by foolish or conspicuous behavior. Katie made a spectacle of herself at the New Year's Eve party by confronting her ex-boyfriend in front of all the other guests. Darren's so clumsy that he tends to make a spectacle of himself everywhere he goes.
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make allowance(s) for (someone or something)

1. To prepare adequately for someone or something. My whole family is coming to Thanksgiving dinner now, so you better make allowance for seven more people at the table. The weather there is pretty inconsistent at this time of year, so make allowances for that when you pack.
2. To be forgiving or accepting of someone or something due to special circumstances. When the weather is this bad, the company makes allowance for Gina's tardiness because she has a very long commute. The teachers have been kind enough to make allowances for Jake this semester after his mother's sudden death.
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make allowance(s)

 (for someone or something)
1. to allow time, space, food, etc., for someone or something. When planning the party, please make allowances for John and his family. I'm making allowance for ten extra guests.
2. to make excuses or explanations for someone or something; to take into consideration the negative effects of someone or something. You're very late even when we make allowance for the weather. We have to make allowance for the age of the house when we judge its condition.
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make allowance for

Also, make allowances for. Take into account extenuating circumstances, as in We have to make allowance for Jeff; he's very new to the business, or Grandma is always making allowances for the children's bad manners. [c. 1700]
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make alˈlowances for somebody

not judge somebody too strictly because of certain problems or difficulties: The court was asked to make allowances for the age of the accused.
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make allowance

/allowances for
1. To take into consideration when planning something.
2. To make excuses for or treat with leniency.
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The Parliamentary Affairs Division proposed that the daily allowance of parliamentarians may also be enhanced in line with the increase given to civil servants by the Finance Division.
MP Butale had asked the minister to brief Parliament on any efforts being made to review government sponsored tertiary students' allowances with the view to adjust them up.
In the meantime, the teachers' community has also become active and spreading a notification of Sindh government's Universities and Boards Department that notified on Thursday enhancing the rate of PhD monthly allowance from Rs10,000 to Rs25,000 to all PhD faculty members of public sector universities with immediate effect.
According to this formula, based on the basic pay for 2016, allowance for a BPS-17 officer will amount to roughly Rs45,550 per month as against the basic pay of Rs 30,370.
KMPDU secretary general Ouma Oluga said that 'traditionally' medical lecturers also received allowances payable to doctors working in hospitals.
And those entitled to the rent allowance should submit not only their rental contract, but also rent payment receipts.
Now a Secretary food has to decide whether to check the officials deputed in headquarter of receiving this allowance or to deposit it in national exchequer after recovery from those officials who are enjoying this allowance for many years.
The night duty allowance for assistants and clerks has been increased from Rs10 to Rs40 and for staff car drivers, dispatch riders and naib qasids (peons) from Rs5 to Rs25 per night.
These have been rationalised and subsumed in newly proposed Dress Allowance to be paid annually in four slabs.
New Delhi [India], June 29 ( ANI ): Hailing the announcement of increase in allowances by allowing recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission (CPC) the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday said that the new initiative will benefit lakhs of people.
Mess allowance for nurses serving in grade 17 has been raised from Rs.
Allowance of 10% of their salaries for all officers and jawans of the Pakistan Army.
But, the agency took exception to the CoA's insistence on the 50-percent allowance cap.
You pointed out that my wife who is not a taxpayer can transfer some of her allowance to me.
working allowance in hospitals and psychiatric clinics: - Amendment: - Allowance is reduced by 40% 18 - work at isolated sections and hospitals of leprosy: - Amendment: - allowance is reduced by 40% 19 - driving of an ambulance car allowance: - Amendment: - amount of the allowance shall be 300 riyals per month.
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