allow up

allow (one) up

To let someone rise from a prone position. If you're able to knock down your opponent, don't allow him up!
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allow someone up

(from something) to permit someone to arise or get up. (Fixed phrase.) He knocked Peter down and would not allow him up from the ground. The doctor won't allow you up!
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However, the Magistrate and Board of Commissioner must restrict UP to only the issues raised in LP's protest, and not allow UP to raise new issues, which were not in LP's original Protest.
In that context, UPS Inc (NYSE:UPS) has filed for Part 135 certification with the FAA, which if granted will allow UPS to fly drones beyond the line of sight, at night, and provide it the license to operate any number of drones across the country.
Chicago, US-based e-commerce network ShopRunner has closed its most recent round of financing with its investment from Atlanta, US-based logistics company UPS in a partnership that will allow UPS and ShopRunner to leverage their relationship to enhance retailer demand generation programmes, the company said.
The new battery racks are claimed to allow UPS system providers to meet increasing data centre demand for lithium-ion UPS systems that can deliver high power for a short period of time at a lower cost than UPS systems using lead-acid batteries.
"Outsourcing to a trucking firm would allow UPS to enter into the final-mile business without committing its own capital up front to expand its fleet or acquire end-of-line, final-mile infrastructure such as terminals," R.W.
This solution uses Cryoport's cryogenic containers, which allow UPS customers to use liquid nitrogen stored in dry vapor form to keep products frozen at -150[degrees]C for 10 days while in transit or storage.
The additions will allow UPS to offer customers one source for small package, freight forwarding, brokerage and contract logistics, with a more solid link to UPS's global transportation network, it explained.The deals are expected to wrap up in the fourth quarter of this year, pending customary conditions.
"It also has to be remembered that one of the pre-conditions of the sale was that TNT would divest itself of TNT Airways in order to allow UPS to comply with EU airline ownership rules," Delcourt adds.
The Postal Service's "Parcel Select" and "Smart Post" products allow UPS and FedEx to ship many of their packages to post offices for final delivery by letter carriers to addresses both inside and outside city limits.
The trucks will allow UPS drivers to more easily schedule delivery routes in neighbourhoods and dense urban areas where congestion and parking restrictions present potential problems for larger UPS vans.
The facility will offer technology to facilitate import, export and Canadian domestic shipments and will allow UPS to double its package processing capability over time.
● Bundled management solutions allow UPS configuration and diagnoses remotely or on-site.
Department of State and Transportation recently reached an agreement that will allow UPS to expand air operations to and from Japan.
Neither nation issued a statement, but UPS released one saying that the US "Departments of State and Transportation today reached an agreement that will allow UPS and other air carriers to expand air operations to and from Japan." UPS International President Alan Gershenhorn said negotiators from the two countries had achieved a "landmark agreement." UPS, which currently operates daily service to Tokyo and Osaka, said it will be permitted to connect flights from Nagoya to its new Shanghai hub.