allow (one) free rein

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allow (one) free rein

To give one complete freedom to do what one wants or chooses. Can you believe the boss allowed me free rein on this project? Finally, I can present a campaign with my own vision! It seems ludicrous that the government would allow a megacorporation like them free rein with so much funding. Whoa, you don't have to get your topic approved by the professor? She really allowed you free rein on this one?
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give/allow somebody/something free/full ˈrein


give/allow free/full ˈrein to somebody/something

not restrict, limit or control something: In a novel the author need not keep to the facts, but a textbook is not the place to give free rein to your imagination. OPPOSITE: keep a tight rein on somebody/something
A rein is a long leather band that is fastened around a horse’s neck and used by the rider to control the speed of the horse.
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Dido - Girl That Got Away English singer-songwriter Dido, best known when Eminem sampled her hit Thank You on Stan, has not exactly had the most prolific work rate, with this only her fourth album in the space of 14 years, but colossal sales for her debut No Angel and its follow-up Life For Rent appear to allow her free rein with her record label, Sony.
She does not appear to be a marewhotakesmuchtosether alight,but TomDoylewasprepared to allow her free rein and she rewarded him with a brilliant displayofjumpingandapowerful displayofgallopingtobeather flounderingrivalsbyupwardsof 21lengths.