allow for

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allow for (something)

1. To plan for or consider something in advance. I didn't allow for traffic this morning, and now, I'm going to be late. The flowers haven't bloomed because I didn't allow for such cold weather. A: "It's important that we allow for the possibility that our funding proposal gets rejected." B: "Yes, we should come up with a backup plan."
2. To have or portion an appropriate amount of something. I don't have any money to spare because I didn't allow for this sudden influx of bills when I made my monthly budget. I'm afraid we won't have enough food—I didn't allow for so many guests. We only allowed for two days at the amusement park, and that really wasn't enough—the kids could have spent every day of our vacation there.
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allow something for something

1. to allocate a share or a suitable amount of something, such as time, money, space, etc., for some activity or goal. I allowed only an hour for lunch. They did not allow enough money for their expenditures this month.
2. to give consideration to circumstances or contingencies. We allowed room for expansion when we designed the building. Allowing for his youth and lack of experience, I forgave him completely for his oversight.
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allow for someone or something

1. to plan on having enough of something (such as food, space, etc.) for someone. Mary is bringing Bill on the picnic, so be sure to allow for him when buying the food. Allow for an extra person when setting the table tonight.
2. to plan on the possibility of something. Allow for a few rainy days on your vacation. Be sure to allow for future growth when you plant the rosebushes.
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allow for

Leave room for, permit, as in We have enough chairs to allow for forty extra guests, or Our denomination allows for a large variety of beliefs. [Early 1700s] Also see make allowance.
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allow for

1. To make some provision for something: The schedule allows time for a coffee break. The design of the building allows for an addition to be built at a later time.
2. To take some possibility into account: I allowed for the possibility of rain by setting up a big tent at the picnic. The shipping company has to allow for some breakage of the products it ships to the stores.
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Retrofit controls are also available to allow for the current needs of the rubber processing facility.
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UDP does not allow for reliable data transmission, since there is no acknowledgement mechanism between the sender and the receiver.
The MSDS management system should allow for all MSDS's to be stored electronically based on the ANSI sixteen (16) section standard.
The Macintosh platform provides plug-in communications and SPC capabilities that are said to allow for a smooth flow of information between any computer.
Cores also can form zero draft angles on castings and can be used to allow for undercuts on the vertical walls of the casting to reduce or eliminate secondary machining.
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The server market also benefits from other initiatives like the SCSI Accessed Fault Tolerant Enclosure (SAFTE) monitoring, SCSI Enclosure Services (SES), and SCSI Command Services (SCS) that allow for the Standardization of Storage and RAID management functions.
The Tax Court and the Service will allow for some flexibility in a build-to-suit exchange.
* machines which allow for long processing/working of final compound at a low temperature.
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