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allot (something) to (someone or something)

To give or portion something to a person or organization. We allot money to charitable donations every year. Oh, I already allotted that project to Jane.
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allot something to someone or something

to give or assign something to someone or something. We will allot a share of the proceeds to charity. I allotted a small portion of the work to Fred.
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Meanwhile, the governorates of Muscat, Musandam and Al-Buraymi witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of lands allotted till the end of May 2019 compared to the same period last year.- TradeArabia News Service
The Governorate of Dhahirah was allotted 113 plots, the lowest among all the governorates.
Upon which the bench observed that how it could be possible that the 'state-owned land was illegitimately allotted and no one could gain benefit'.
The governorates of Musandam, Al Wusta, North Al Batinah (except Sohar), A'Dhahirah, and South Al Batinah were allotted 215, 112, 88, 73 and 63 residential plots respectively.
The election symbols were allotted to Mazhar Qasim Lion, Syed Ahmed Shah of Bat, Atta Ullah Book, independent candidate Tabark Thakar Jeep, Ahmed Hussain Knife, Muhammad Ashraf Gun, and Amir Shahzad Charpai.
Officials said that the university administration had claimed with the help of documents that it was allotted 1709acres, 4 kanals and 12 marlas land originally in 1967-72.
He said the officer intentionally allotted the house to the BBISP officer and adopted unfair attitude with him.
At the county sitting, US$50,000.00 was allotted for the renovation of the Superintendent's Compound while another $46,000.00 was allotted for administrative expenses, totaling US$96,000.00.
They stated that CDA high-ups have totally violated the all rules and regulations and allotted stalls to former MNA of PML-N Tariq Fazal Ch and other prominent personalities.
Moreover, plot 67 was allotted for Sindh Peoples Welfare Trust, it is being used by a university.
Faisalabad's Toota Pehalwan has been allotted Parrot, while Maryam Nawaz has been allotted Pencil for NA-125.
Justice A(r) Asad ullah Khan Chamkani has been allotted the Portfolios of Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights, Relief and Rehabilitation and Settlement Departments, Mr.
According to the latest report by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI), over the last three months, the number of allotted residential plots registered a consecutive decline with the numbers from 3,047 in March to 2,947 in April and then to 4,326 plots in May.
The house was allotted to Deepika under the discretionary quota.
The minister informed the house that, for Jawaharlal Nehru Stadiumn Project the centre has allotted Rs 961.00 crore but till date only Rs 458.14 crore has been spent, for Major Dhyanchand National Stadium Rs 130.56 crore has been spent from the allotted Rs 262.00 croe, for Indira Gandhi Stadium Rs 312.10 crore has been spent against the allotted Rs 669 crore, and for Dr.