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allocate (something) to

To give or portion something to a person or organization. We allocate money to charitable donations every year. Oh, I already allocated that project to Jane.
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allocate something to someone or something

 and allocate something between someone or something; allocate something among someone or something
to give or assign something to someone or something. (Between with two, among with three or more.) The committee allocated the surplus cheese to the elderly people in the community. David allocated the money among all the members. He allocated the work between Fred and George. We had to allocate the money between the philanthropy and social committees.
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Following are the Bretton Woods II's 25 most responsible asset allocators, listed alphabetically:
Appear TV's multiscreen encoders and transcoders (for OTT) are fully integrated, high channel density hardware-based systems capable of simultaneously preparing multiple profiles, which are now managed by the new Resource Allocator.
Assistant allocator Denise Williams, 52, from Aberdare * She wears: Phase Eight skirt, pounds 84, vest top, pounds 17.
Some allocators, eager to grow their business, take dangerous shortcuts to artificially lower allocations and ingratiate themselves with field adjusters who are anxious to close cases.
How does the allocator determine the order in which live ranges are assigned colors?
The units are displayed as graphical items, which can manually be dragged and dropped by the allocator in cases, where the proposed solution requires adjustments.
Previous experiments - Carter and Irons, (1991) and Kahneman, Knetsch, and Thaler (1986) - found that economic majors in both the role of allocator and receiver are more likely to either make or accept uneven allocations.
Additionally, although the conceptual developments in the distributive justice literature are theoretically relevant to understanding managerial allocation practices in organizational contexts, much of the empirical literature has limited utility, either because of the samples used, the allocation problems used, a focus on recipients as opposed to allocators, and/or limiting assumptions about justice rules and motives (e.
In a Dictator Game a budget (b) is divided up between the sum kept by the allocator for him- or herself(s) and the part given to the recipient (r):
Factor Allocator features more than 20 years of historical factor-based index data from S&P Dow Jones Indices.
Family offices and pension funds are expected to be the most active allocators in 2009 - a shift from 2008, which was dominated by Endowments & Foundations;
I (first) purchase items - laptops for mobile allocator work stations.
Contract notice: market related to remote maintenance maintenance rental, hot water meters, heating cost allocators, individual heating cost meters
Solovis, a multi-asset class portfolio management, analytics and reporting platform for limited partners, asset owners, and allocators, has announced it achieved record growth in 2017, the company said.