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allocate (something) among (someone or something)

To give or portion something to several people or organizations. We allocate money among charitable donations every year. Oh, I already allocated that project among Jane, Paul, and Will.
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allocate (something) between (someone or something)

To give or portion something to several people or organizations. We allocate money between charitable donations every year. Oh, I already allocated that project between Jane and Paul.
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allocate (something) to (someone or something)

To give or portion something to a person or organization. We allocate money to charitable donations every year. Oh, I already allocated that project to Jane.
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allocate something to someone or something

 and allocate something between someone or something; allocate something among someone or something
to give or assign something to someone or something. (Between with two, among with three or more.) The committee allocated the surplus cheese to the elderly people in the community. David allocated the money among all the members. He allocated the work between Fred and George. We had to allocate the money between the philanthropy and social committees.
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Once the base costs are tallied, the next step is to allocate, or charge back, the costs to divisions.
A lost-time calculator can allocate not just workers' comp but also short- and long-term disability costs.
A donor cannot allocate GST exemption to an inter vivos transfer (a transfer the donor makes during his lifetime) if the property would be included in his or her spouse's gross estate (other than under IRC section 2035) if the donor died immediately after the transfer.
A donor therefore cannot allocate GST exemption to a grantor retained annuity trust or qualified personal residence trust--where the trust property is included in her gross estate if she dies before her retained interest in the trust terminates--until the estate tax inclusion period ends (when the grantor dies, a generation-skipping transfer occurs with respect to the property, or the grantor's retained interest in the trust expires).
other reasonable methods must allocate costs to specific inventory items.
* Designing the loans to release shares and to allocate them to participants in a way that coordinates with the plans' need for shares.
A solution is to charge P2 its $12,000 stand-alone cost and then allocate the $88,000 total cost balance equally to P1 and FR.
1.7523 are structured to allocate liabilities to partners who generally would be allocated income or gain on the relief of such liabilities.
If C dies before attaining age 35 at a time when the trust is worth $5 million and there was no (;ST tax exemption allocated before C's death, there would be no opportunity to allocate such exemption and a $2.75 million GST tax would be imposed.
With respect to a leveraged ESOP in which the plan allocates the proceeds from the sale of the unallocated shares previously held in suspense pursuant to Regs.
Example 1: An individual transfers $4,000,000 into a trust for the benefit of her son, S, and grandchildren, and allocates all of her $1,000,000 exemption to the trust.
In accordance with the partnership agreement, AB allocates $900 of depreciation to A and $100 depreciation to B.
It is also advisable to include a formula clause that indicates, if the trust's value is later determined to be different than reported, that the donor allocates the minimum amount necessary to achieve the desired inclusion ratio of the gift (which normally would be zero).
This rule recognizes there is an implicit loan (by the lessor or the lessee) in the agreement and allocates (recognizes) rent in proportion to the rental payment schedule chosen by the parties, after identifying the appropriate imputed interest element.
1.752-3(a)(1) allocates nonrecourse debt to the partner that is allocated nonrecourse deductions (i.e., the increase in minimum gain).
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