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allocate (something) to

To give or portion something to a person or organization. We allocate money to charitable donations every year. Oh, I already allocated that project to Jane.
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allocate something to someone or something

 and allocate something between someone or something; allocate something among someone or something
to give or assign something to someone or something. (Between with two, among with three or more.) The committee allocated the surplus cheese to the elderly people in the community. David allocated the money among all the members. He allocated the work between Fred and George. We had to allocate the money between the philanthropy and social committees.
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In the 13th round allocated for Haja'ej Abkar, "Sad'ah" owned by Mubarak bin Said al- Wihibi came first, while in the 14th round allocated for Haja'ej Je'dan, "Hamlol" owned by Badr bin Gudair al-Wihibi came first.
Hilde Gronland, company secretary, has been allocated 21 Dividend Shares in the Dividend Issue.
Construction and renovation of Qayyum Sports Complex, up-gradation of Lala Ayub Hockey Stadium Rs52 million has been earmarked besides for rehabilitation of Arbab Niaz Cricket Stadium Rs18 million allocated.
Federal Standards: Federal accounting standards govern how costs should be allocated by recipients of federal grants and contracts.
Briefly summarized, a rental agreement has deferred rent if the cumulative amount of rent allocated as of the close of a calendar year exceeds the cumulative amount of rent payable as of the close of the succeeding calendar year.
5 millions had been allocated for ten basic health units of Pindigheb Tehsil, Rs 2.
In addition eight saloons have been allocated for the Railway Headquarters Lahore, in which one each will be marked to Chief Executive Officer/General Manager (BS-22) Additional General Manager BS-21, Inspector General Railway Police, Federal Government Inspector, Chief Operating Superintendent and three saloons have been allocated for Principal Officers, they added.
Out of the 7 rounds, 3 rounds will be allocated for the pure Arabian horses of the local breed.
Specifically, the agent asked whether engineering department labor costs and procurement department costs are MSC that may be allocated between capitalizable activities and deductible activities for SSCM purposes.
Under the arrangement, 98% of Castle Harbour's operating income was allocated to the Dutch banks; consequently, the same percentage of net book income (operating income reduced by expenses including an allocable amount of depreciation) was allocated to the banks, representing their actual income from the Castle Harbour investment.
capital account maintenance; liquidation according to capital accounts; and either deficit restoration obligations or qualified income offsets--then an allocation of a foreign tax expenditure proportionate to a partner's distributive share of the partnership income to which such taxes relate, including income allocated pursuant to section 704(c), will be deemed in accordance with the partner's interest in the partnership.
861-8(e)(12)(i) provides that a charitable contribution deduction will be allocated to U.