allocate to

(redirected from allocate among)

allocate (something) to

To give or portion something to a person or organization. We allocate money to charitable donations every year. Oh, I already allocated that project to Jane.
See also: allocate

allocate something to someone or something

 and allocate something between someone or something; allocate something among someone or something
to give or assign something to someone or something. (Between with two, among with three or more.) The committee allocated the surplus cheese to the elderly people in the community. David allocated the money among all the members. He allocated the work between Fred and George. We had to allocate the money between the philanthropy and social committees.
See also: allocate
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Contract holders may allocate among the three strategies with each new premium, but then must leave the money in each bucket for five years.
7% in January led by Market Timing hedge funds that allocate among different asset classes depending on the manager's economic or market outlook.
Meridian can allocate among the broadest range of asset categories available among mutual funds or managed portfolios today, therefore allowing the portfolio managers maximum flexibility.