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ally (oneself) to

To join or unite with another person or group. In order to survive the attack, I allied myself to the invading soldiers. We need to ally ourselves to management if we want to keep our jobs.
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pass in your ally

obsolete To perish or die. Primarily heard in Australia. You should make amends with your son before you pass in your ally.
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olly olly oxen free

A phrase used to indicate that it is OK to come home or to a home base. It is commonly used in children's games. All the kids ran back to the starting point when Brian yelled, "Olly olly oxen free!"
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One who actively supports a marginalized group without personally being a part of that group. If you're an ally, you don't usually call yourself an ally. You just work for justice.

ally oneself to someone or something

to unite or affiliate oneself with someone or something. She sought to ally herself to the older members. Jane allied herself to the teacher almost immediately.
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ally (oneself) (with someone) (against someone or something)

to unite with someone in opposition to someone or something. Sally allied herself with John against the committee. We allied with the older ones against the younger ones. They allied themselves against the attackers.

pass in your ally

die. Australian informal
In this phrase, an ally is a toy marble made of marble, alabaster, or glass.
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In health profession, nursing and allied health disciplines have been an exception to establish this basic tenet as a requirement for tenure consideration.
Spartech is now selling the buildings formerly inhabited by Allied Resins and Allied Resinous Products to a PVC extrusion processor, but the deal had not closed at press time.
Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander, had already delayed the start of the operation by 24 hours because of a fierce storm.
The third fundamental question is whether allied governments will join with us in taking more advanced measures to ensure that our advanced defense technology remains under well-conceived and administered controls, once exported.
Barry Cohen, vice president of purchasing and a 20-year Allied veteran, feels reassured by the firm's steady stream of technical and marketing advancements.
The court further held that the partner's allocation of profits and losses was improper; the conduct of Allied and ABN demonstrated that the Bermuda agreement, which provided for a guaranteed return on investment for ABN, was the substance behind the formula provided by the partnership agreement.
Post said that the co-op board was originally only committed to spend $350,000 for repair work to ensure that the building was safe but Allied suggested doing all the necessary work at once and provided the $600,000 in financing required to take care of the emergency problems as well as long-term problems.
Allied Fibers projects that by 1994, use of DSP fibers should increase to more than 80% of the tire market.
The final section has chapters on special topics such as personal computers, the needs of special student populations, the aging, health promotion and disease prevention in allied health, the role of professional associations, international allied health education, and AIDS.