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When BAIT disbanded in 2011, due to government cuts, residents began to take responsibility to improve their own alleys as best they could.
The back alleys zigzagging the area encircled by Minsheng Rd., Ximen Rd., Zhongzheng Rd., and Yongfu Rd.
Parker's initial vision was inspired by two famous Southern alleys: Printer's Alley in Nashville, which began as a connector between the city's early publishing shops and has been lined with nightclubs since the 1940s, and Pirate's Alley in New Orleans's French Quarter, which has accrued many legends--some factual, most not--over the city's three centuries.
Alleys in the heart of the big city present a different value, sometimes appreciated more in terms of monetary worth.
Even unpaved alleys, with hard-packed surfaces caused by years of vehicle use, contribute to runoff, Luers said.
My family lived through hell for 14 years, and if the only inconvenience to the objectors is that they have to walk a bit further to reach the bus or shop, that is nothing compared to the sheer hell of living alongside one of the alleys.
How many of the 2012 tornadoes shown were not in one of the four alleys?
The debut of the new alleys was featured in the Clinton Courant in late September 1924:
Outlining these darker areas revealed not one but four tornado "alleys."
The city government of Tehran says it intends to eventually widen all of Tehran narrow alleyways until they are all at least six meters (20 feet) wide, which would mean tearing down thousands of buildings that line alleys.
Instead it is located between two alleys and is accessible only from two doors--one on each alleyway.
We eventually did a questionnaire to see if bowling was something people were interested in and took it to the other bowling alleys around the city and found out many people there were Harlem residents who went downtown to bowl."
The university is the first in Britain to carry out a study into the initiative which effectively shuts off residential alleys from burglars.
Kim Egerton, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court yesterday the order banned 65year-old from entering alleys unless it was to deposit household rubbish behind his own home.