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All-told, Devel made approximately twenty 1911 's with this feature--rare birds indeed.
All-told, Cuban gangsters steal hundreds of millions of dollars that feed the impoverished island nation's economy -- possibly with state consent.
The 47 papers all-told consider such topics as a crowd-sourcing approach for area-wide building assessment towards earthquake engineering, a structural equation modeling approach of the toll-like receptor signaling pathway in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, representing texts as contextualized entity-centric linked data graphs, bridging the gap between citizens and local administrations with knowledge-based service bundle recommendations and a techno-economic balance of load-adaptive telecommunication network operation to improve energy efficiency.
This is, all-told, a great offering from an artist who we need to see around these parts again, soon.
All-told, the early 19th century house has four bedrooms, three flights of stairs, a courtyard and a big back-yard.
Many of our 275,000 readers-passionate travelers all-told us about their own travel milestones on OutTraveler.
I got so mad for a second I started to tell her to go on to Volkening who spent about 50 or 75 hours all-told with Tom--the fact that he is financially fixed--He's a nice ineffective fellow who has never done anything but gracefully spend a large inheritance.
He said: "Cost me all-told around pounds 500 to get here, a lump for the hotel and then, god knows what.
Scotland have another eight qualifiers, beginning with Georgia at Hampden in seven weeks, and I reckon Walter would have needed about six weeks off all-told from Rangers to fulfil international duties in terms of days spent greeting the squad, training and playing matches.
Wylie will have runners on each of the four days and, all-told, could be in double figures, but he is quick to stress that he is without his superstar, Inglis Drever, the reigning champion stayer, and other leading players in Royal Rosa and Mephisto.
All-told, there are over quarter of a million casualties.
In the study, all-told, patients over 70 using Pravachol actually "had 21 percent more strokes than patients given a placebo," and women in the study "experienced 26 percent more strokes than the women who were given a placebo.
Consistency does not imply that one of these plans is the all-told right thing to do; indeed it does not even imply that one is better than the other.
The operational hierarchy at the time was cumbersome, with 47 supervisors among 305 housekeeping positions all-told.