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2002) estimated that at least one full administration of an all-out cycling test is needed several days prior to baseline WAT measurements.
Therefore, the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK will launch an all-out military strike to blow up the group's means for the psychological warfare," it said.
All-in, all-out ranaculture systems may be able to eliminate FV3 infection by preventing exposure of cultured larvae to mechanical vectors and native anurans.
Rebecca Knuth (Chair of the Library and Information Science Program, University of Hawaii) presents Burning Books And Leveling Libraries: Extremist Violence and Culture Destruction, a scholarly study of nationalist, ethnic, religious, or political extremism taken to such lengths as to result in the wholesale destruction of libraries as an all-out assault upon cultural values the extremists despise.
The threat of all-out war between America, Europe, and the Middle East casts a spectral shadow; Commander Samuel (Jim) Bowie and the crew of the USS Towers, plus a handful of navy destroyers, must work fast to end the crisis before all hell breaks loose.
They're the ones who turned out to hand you a second term after your boss launched an all-out assault on same-sex marriage.
With its all-out dancing all the time, this tale of selfish and forbidden love features husband-and-wife soloists Akop and Gaiane Akopian.
SANTA CLARITA -- California Highway Patrol officials launched an all-out effort to crack down on drunken drivers, speeders and other traffic law violators over the July 4 holiday weekend.
Reader Dunne gives an all-out, practically fully voiced performance, using a variety of accents and tonal qualities to depict men, women, and children.
The scathing attacks present in these classical manuscripts demonstrate that all-out verbal assault was as skillfully used centuries ago as it is today, if not more so
Since each country packed an intercontinental plutonium punch, an all-out war would just mean mutually assured destruction.
For the ATP-PC system, an all-out effort completed under the 30-second intervals is essential, thus an appropriate distance must be determined for each run/drill.
But an all-out war on the militants could cause a split within the Wahhabi religious establishment, which has long been a source of legitimacy for the House of Saud (see who's who in the FAP survey of this week's Diplomat).
As a result, turn-outs in the last local and European polls resembled not so much a vote as an all-out electoral strike.
Shying away from an all-out battle in the cluttered breath freshening arena dominated by Wrigley, Polo and co, Masterfoods claimed it had identified a new opportunity in the 1.