(all) skin and bones

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(all) skin and bones

1. Extremely thin. I know the merger has been stressful, but have you been eating? Because you're all skin and bones these days.
2. Emaciated. The children in the village were skin and bones by the time foreign aid arrived.
See also: and, bone, skin

nothing but skin and bones and (all) skin and bones

Fig. very thin or emaciated. Bill has lost so much weight. He's nothing but skin and bones. Look at Bill. He's just skin and bones. That old horse is all skin and bones. I won't ride it.
See also: and, bone, but, nothing, skin

skin and bones

Painfully thin, emaciated. This phrase often is expanded to nothing but skin and bones, as in She came home from her trip nothing but skin and bones. This hyperbolic expression-one could hardly be alive without some flesh-dates from the early 1400s.
See also: and, bone, skin
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Using your fingers, pull meat away from bones; discard all skin and bones.