all mod cons

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(with) all mod cons

(With) all the amenities of a pleasant and comfortable dwelling. "Mod cons" is an abbreviation for "modern conveniences." Primarily heard in UK. Come on, Mom, can we stay at a place with all mod cons for once? Or at least one where the power isn't constantly going off? A: "There's no way this hotel is going to have all mod cons, not with Uncle Jack footing the bill." B: "I know, he's such a cheapskate." I thought you said this place came with all mod cons? There's not even a dishwasher!
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(with) all mod ˈcons

(British English, informal) used to describe a house or flat/apartment that has all the things that make living there easier and more comfortable, for example a washing machine, a shower, etc: From the outside it looks rather old, but inside it’s got all mod cons — even a microwave oven.We want a campsite with all mod cons.
This phrase is a short form of ‘modern conveniences’.
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If there is room for them it will be free board and lodging with all mod cons in jail.
IN 1978 The Jam's third studio album All Mod Cons, containing classics like Down in The Tube Station at Midnight and A Bomb in Wardour Street, was released.
The group was The Jam and the album was titled All Mod Cons.
This Autumn the band will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of The Jam's 3rd studio album, All Mod Cons, playing it in its entirety.
"They are perfectly equipped with all mod cons and available at a very affordable price point."
ISLAND WITH BEAR GRYLLS (Channel 4, tonight, 9pm) THE show is described as "the ultimate survival challenge" and 10 celebrities are leaving behind friends, family and all mod cons for two weeks to make a remote uninhabited island their home.
A spacious four-bed with all mod cons in Clarendon St., Earlsdon
The former maths master, released from jail last month, was spotted exercising in a large park next to his new home - an "all mod cons included" bail hostel.
FANS of big-screen classic Quadrophenia are gearing up for a night featuring all mod cons at Birmingham's 02 Academy.
In 2000, Q magazine placed The Jam's third album All Mod Cons at Number 50 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.
The Jam exploded onto the punk scene in 1977 delivering their ferocious mission statement and debut single 'In The City' - and in 1978 released their third album 'All Mod Cons'.
The Brit is to shun all mod cons in a jungle camp high in the Philippines mountains for two months before the Las Vegas showdown.
We stayed in a deluxe caravan with all mod cons, a BBQ and a decking area which looked on to a beautiful lake.
HOME SWEET HOME The historic mill conversion provides a house in a stunning area, with all mod cons.
Cover Story On the house hunting trail with TV's To Buy Or Not To Buy duo Simon O'Brien and Jonny Benarr Pages 24-25 All mod cons A traditional home with a high-tech heart Page4 Changing faces How the ever-changing Harborne Hall has kept pace with the times Page5 Let's move to Moseley...