all eyes are on (someone or something)

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all eyes are on (someone or something)

Everyone is paying close attention to someone or something. All eyes are on the home team's batter at this crucial moment in the game. All eyes were on me as I took the stage during the talent show. OK, class, make sure all eyes are on the whiteboard!
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all eyes are on someone/something

COMMON If all eyes are on someone or something, everyone is carefully watching that person or thing, often because they are expecting something to happen. All eyes will be on the Chancellor tomorrow when he gives his Budget speech. It made me nervous to think that the moment we entered the restaurant, all eyes would be on us.
See also: all, eye, on, someone, something
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all eyes are on somebody/something

if all eyes are on somebody/something, everyone is looking at somebody/something in an interested way: All eyes were on him as he walked onto the stage.
See also: all, eye, on, somebody, something
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