(it's all) Greek to (one)

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(it's all) Greek to (one)

cliché (It is) completely unintelligible, as if it is written in a language that one does not speak. The phrase comes from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar. Mom said these instructions are Greek to her and that we should show them to Dad. A: "Can you understand this error message?" B: "Sorry, Greek to me. You'd better ask one of the programmers." Chris said that Foucault's theories are all Greek to him? Oh great, who's going to explain them all to us then?
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Greek to (someone)

incomprehensible to someone; as mysterious as Greek writing. I don't understand this. It's all Greek to me. She said it was Greek to her, and that it made no sense at all.
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Greek to someone

n. something incomprehensible to someone; something as mysterious as Greek writing. I don’t understand this. It’s all Greek to me.
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Homer literally would have been all Greek to us if not translated.
Film: He's a record breaker The Fire Engine and Vintage Vehicle Show, which also features classic cars, vans, lorries, motorcycles, military vehicles and bicycles is held this weekend at Grangefield School All Greek to us Record company underling Aaron Green (Jonah Hill, left) must get fallen rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand, right) to the Greek Theater in LA in time for his 10th anniversary comeback concert Get Him To The Greek: Showing at CIneworld, Showcase, Odeon and VUE Fire Engine and Vintage Vehicle Show: Grangefield School, Stockton, 11am-5pm Sat & Sun, entrance pounds 3 adults, pounds 2 children/OAPs, under-5s free.
However it is all Greek to us! http://www.airsealines.com Dec 6, 2004
They didn't seem to realise that the sound of the Bespectacled One singing Ar Hyd Y Nos was all Greek to us, too.
It's all Greek to us but a Welshman flies to the Olympics today ...