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This situation showed that students took into account the external appearances of the living things while reconstructing the aliveness concept as well as motion [16].
There is a feeling of great aliveness in our sessions, at times our spoken thoughts seem to fly back and forth, like a ball that we throw one to the other, or maybe it is more accurate to say like a balloon, that we pass back and forth almost gently, floatingly, as if in slow motion, we take our time, with developing the thoughts, that arise between us, and in so doing, I notice how in our thinking and feeling in the sessions it is like we are playing, playing with our thoughts, seeing where they go, how they join up, where they lead us.
Social media such as blogging, Twitter, instant messaging, wikis, smart phones, and organizational and individual Facebook technologies help create this sense of aliveness and connectedness in virtual groups.
It was the fading of that inner light with its certainty and radiant aliveness that after more than twenty years had passed moved Kull now an Interdisciplinary Studies PhD student over forty years of age with a prosthetic right leg to seek another wilderness experience.
In the present instance I want to draw on a brilliant series of essays on animism and totemism by anthropologist Tim Ingold, who considers definitions of aliveness available within Western intellectual history by tracing relationships among many beings in animic cultures, among them Lapp caribou herders and the Ojibwa of Canada.
The point, it would seem, is to use the possibility of individual death so as to create potentially a feeling of aliveness.
Joy is within you, the aliveness that flows through you.
I have studied the remnants of this culture across the Third World, from West Bengal to Papua New Guinea, and marvelled at the lovingness of the parents and the aliveness of the children.
Vitality, a positive subjective feeling of aliveness and well-being, has been hypothesized to "reflect organismic well-being and thus should co-vary with both psychological and somatic factors that impact the energy available to the self" (Ryan and Frederick, 1997, p.
It will also measure the aliveness of liquid food supplements or treated water.
Indeed, a certain portion lacks dramaturgy, aliveness, seems conceptual, even schematic in tone.
All the while that Brownie held to his convictions that he could never believe in Jesus, he continued to show up on Sundays because the aliveness appealed to some of the inner parts of his life which seemed to have died.
Because I was alive, and with decades of aliveness all alive and in front of me, all lively.
filling you up, leaving little space for pleasure in your aliveness,
bodily feeling, a sensation of aliveness, a quickness in the air, the