alive (live) and kicking (well)

alive and kicking

Active and healthy. A: "How are you doing after your surgery?" B: "I'm alive and kicking!" I thought for sure that old dog wouldn't survive the winter, but he's still alive and kicking!
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alive and well

1. Alive, especially after having been in danger or thought to be in danger. The search party was overjoyed to find all of the stranded hikers alive and well after enduring the cold for eight days.
2. Active and healthy. I knew Jane's dad was very sick, so I'm thrilled to hear that he's alive and well.
3. Of a concept or practice, flourishing despite a perception of decline elsewhere. I'm glad to see chivalry is alive and well—thank you for holding the door for me. Electronic music is huge now, but guitar-driven rock is still alive and well.
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alive (live) and kicking (well)

Very much alive and alert; still surviving. The term originated with fishmongers who thus described their wares, meaning that they were extremely fresh. By the mid-nineteenth century it was considered a cliché. A more recent version is alive and well, which originated as a denial to a false report of someone’s death. It was given a boost by the French singer Jacques Brel, whose show and recording, translated as Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, became immensely popular in the 1970s.
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